So when I cut off conversation entirely when you escalate the

Other than that, the P series come with good GPUs, so take a look at a P50/51.On the refurb line, T4?0p and W/P series are performance centric machines with quadcores and dGPUs.Notebookcheck reviews are pretty thorough, though they usually cover only the specific display their test unit came with.EDIT: For SSDs and RAM, if you buy a new Thinkpad it cheaper to get one with an HDD and the least memory, and upgrade it yourself.WilliamWyattD 3 points submitted 11 months agoThe exact graphics requirements are key here. If integrated are enough, you could probably go as far back as the T450s and get one relatively cheap on Ebay and just get a local tech, or yourself, to fine tune the configuration in terms of RAM/SSD, etc. (Though some Ebay or Amazon sellers will do that for you).The T450s is the first Thinkpad with a FHD IPS display, IIRC.

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But this is how you handle it like a responsible company who cares about their product and consumers, not like some petulant child who’s annoyed at another reddit post. You’re right, like so much in life, the good goes unnoticed and the bad gets all the attention, but it’s how you handle the bad when it arises that is important. And I have consistently seen faceit rise to the occasion and make right when something has been wronged.

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But you over there, thinking that because I gave you six seconds to send back “maybe say hi before whipping it out” that we going to get married. So when I cut off conversation entirely when you escalate the weirdness (because you will), then I a terrible bitch and I broke your heart. Or I a terrible bitch for correcting you in the first place..

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