About 39 per cent of millennial women and 30 per cent of men

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cheap canada goose uk Red indicates the result was down on the year before. 0 is strongest possible vote against government and 5 is “currently undecided”.About 39 per cent of millennial women and 30 per cent of men thought cost of living was the most important issue at the election.For women, this was followed by housing affordability, and health and hospitals, tied on 12 per cent.Men were more worried about the economy (17 per cent) followed by housing affordability (11 per cent).In another interesting finding, the survey found that those regularly indulging in smashed avocado on toast were less likely to be worried about affording a home.The more unattainable they thought buying a property was, the less frequently they reported eating the infamous cafe treat.News about financial matters including the banking royal commission has also made an impact, with about half of all young customers reporting they were looking for an alternative to their current bank as a result.The importance of mental health was highlighted with the survey revealing canada goose outlet los angeles almost half of the millennials surveyed reported having a conversation about mental health in the last month. About 40 per cent believed good mental health was canada goose outlet store the most important benefit of a healthy lifestyle, up from 33 per cent last year.Meanwhile, YouTube overtook Facebook as the app millennials could not live without, with 33 per cent nominating it as their favourite app, followed closely by Facebook (32 per cent) and Google maps (26 per cent).seems to have become a bulletin board for catching up on the day news rather than seeing what friends are doing, the survey report said.can also predict that within a year canada goose decoys uk Facebook will be on par with TV as the top news source for millennials, the survey said.The survey also noted interesting differences in attitudes between the three age groups: uk canada goose jackets 19 24, 25 29 and 30 36, and the survey has developed to describe the overall trends.. cheap canada goose uk

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