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Aside from the culinary success, Brentwood is famed for the unseen people who inhabit it. Originally the dream home of Clarence and Essie Bessent McCorsley, Essie loved the house and in the wake of her husband’s death, she stayed, taking in boarders to make ends meet, the house a lovely setting for a hot breakfast and good night’s sleep among its double sided fireplaces. No one seems to know who haunts Brentwood, but the essence of these permanent residents have been caught on actual surveillance video and aired in an WMBF news segment.

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Apart from position monitoring

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They need to be held accountable

This season, menswear designers seem to have spent a lot of time and energy on their coat offerings; perhaps they realise that with global warming, and less clearly defined seasons, a new coat needs to promise more than just warmth. The catwalks were littered with military inspired big coats, duffel coats, padded jackets and, of course, the classic peacoat. So which to choose?Although synonymous with Paddington Bear, the duffel coat has harsher origins, having been worn by the military in both world wars.

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